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Theft Alarm System

It ensures a perfect security by giving a warning on time against fire risk and performing automatically the orders like cut-off gas and cut-off electricity when necessary.

Furthermore all mechanisms in the building provide fast communication in case of danger together with button and interview systems in the building and allow an effective intervention.

System warns floor-owner and security staff with the PIR detectors in and out of residence and prevents foreign people from entering into/exiting from the building.

IMPORTANT: Switch application is available in each door and window of Demir Ev Yapı construction houses. In case of any force on door or window, system activates the alarm. So when the window in the back room is forced while the wife of house irons, alarm of the floor is activated.

Furthermore all these transactions may be performed by remote control (mobile phone).

System Equipments

  • Touch Keypad
  • Security Software Module
  • Detectors
  • Buttons
  • Sirens
  • Barrier