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Fire Alarm Tracking System

It ensures a perfect security by giving a warning on time against fire risk and performing automatically the orders like cut-off gas and cut-off electricity when necessary. In emergency it ensures that necessary precautions be taken in fastest way thanks to the systems like door locks, sirens, lighting and elevator control.

In case of danger, alarm screen is activated on smart home terminal. System ensures that problem is solved most-harmlessly by making owner, security staff, neighbors and infirmary aware of it up to your request.

Furthermore system gives a period for the performance of notification function in advance and for the ones concerned to intervene in the situation. If the necessary intervention is not made and danger is still available at the end of this period, system comes to final stage by activating mechanical devices and other precaution systems, siren, function of calling fire department.

It is very extremely inconvenient to activate directly siren and mechanic systems in case of fire. Even in case of a fire which may be extinguished easily it causes panic and damage. When AKYA systems operate progressively, they prevent these troubles.

System Equipments

  • Siren
  • Valve
  • Button
  • Detector